Following the success of last year Christmas Party at Brigstock House, we are organising a collection. Donations would be gratefully received of:

Nearly new toys and art & craft set

(All ages)

Please wrap individual item in seen-through cling film. Please email for drop off / collection.

Toiletry products

Deodorant, roll on, body spray, skin care… Please email for drop off / collection.

Sock and underwear

All genders, all ages

This an on-going project to add to the welcome packs when people arrive at the hostels. The houses have amazing support from the Salvation Army and Croydon Refugee Centre for pre-loved clothes but new underwear and sock are essentials, especially in winter month. Please email for drop off / collection.

Cupcake, cake, Fruit: grapes and strawberries

Please drop off at Hayesthorpe House, South Croydon on 12th December

Berry House, East Dulwich on Monday 17th December

Brigstock House 78-86 Brigstock Road, CR7 7JA on Friday 21st December

Last year we received a fantastic amount of presents for Brigstock House that we could even share with the other two refugee houses Hayesthorpe in South Croydon and Berry House in East Dulwich. I am so proud of the people of Thornton Heath and Thornton Heath Community Action Team. The manager at Migrant Help has said she wishes her clients get that much support everywhere else.

Nearly new toys are accepted. For easy distribution, please could you wrap them with the seen through film. That way the children can choose their own and we know what inside and give them to the right age. We wrapped so many last year then ended up unwrapping them even though there were labels on. We will start the collection from November.

If you have any questions, want to donate, help picking up, wrapping, transport, sing and dance on party day or get involved in any way big or small, please email:

Thank you!

Shree Sakthy Ghanapathy Temple’s mural project

Vân Dang is commissioned by Croydon Council to design and paint a mural at Ghanapathy Temple on Brigstock Road, CR7 7JJ. The Public Consultation Day was on 6th October 2018. 102 people voted for their favourite design, choosing one in the 3 proposed design. The online voting was open until 10th October 2018 with the result as below:

Coming Soon

The final voting result form both Open Day and online was:

Peacock design: 92

Ganesh design: 90

Mandala design: 40

The final design was chosen by the Council and the Temple’s manager. Painting started on Monday 22nd October and finished on Tuesday 30th October. 31 people from the local community Thornton Heath Community Action Team came and helped painting the giant peacock 9.4m long and 4m high. Big thanks to everyone involved and made it happened.

Here is the final artwork by the roundabout of Melfort Road and Brigstock Road CR7 7JJ. Hope it brighten up your day whenever you pass this busy road!


Following the success of Christmas Party, Brigstock House is going to organise a party on Friday 22nd June for Refugee Week 2018. Donations would be gratefully received of:

  • Fresh fruit (grapes and strawberries): please drop off at Brigstock House 78-86 Brigstock Road, CR7 7JA on 22nd June 2018
  • Cupcake, cake: please drop off at Brigstock House 78-86 Brigstock Road, CR7 7JA on 22nd June 2018
  • Toiletry products (deodorant, roll on, body spray…)
  • Toys and art & craft sets (all ages). No need for wrapping.

If you want to donate or get involved, please email:

Thank you!


On Thursday 21st December 2017, Brigstock House organised a get together from 3 – 5pm. Donation of party food and especially fresh fruit are welcomed. If you would like to donate toys and presents please email to arrange a collection

From my experience, the children and their families are moved around a lot so soft toy or toys that are not too big and are easy to carry are appreciated. Craft sets where the kids can make something are popular.

There are children from new born babies up to teenagers. And again, they move around a lot so we don’t have a wish list so you could give to a specific child. There is no need to wrap the toys. Toiletry, especially deodorant for both men and women are highly appreciated.

We have managed to collect more than 100 package of presents, fresh fruit, party food for 100 people on the day. Musician Andrew Cleyndert and his friends played beautiful music. CR7 Market donated 35 tickets for the children to skate on their Christmas Market’s ice rink. Big thanks to everyone who donated, supported and came to help us on the day. We might not change people’s life but we put smiles on 20 children and 100 people in the house for the day. Thank you!