I was painting the front mural at Ambassador House when the first Covid-19 lockdown struck the UK on 23rd March 2020. I was then stuck in the house for months then the death of George Floyd shook the world. I am not black, I am not white either. People rarely view me as a threat as I look little but it doesn’t mean I don’t experience racism or discrimination living in the UK.

I felt pain when someone was knelt on the neck to death – the choking trying to gasp the last breath and fighting for life. All life matters and for whatever reason, a death of a human being no matter what skin colour is not acceptable. Therefore, I painted HOPE NOT HATE.

David – my neighbour – a member of Thornton Heath Community Action Team sat on the dirty pavement with me for days and we painted the mural together. Yashika and Vania brought me ice cream, N. gave me lunch and a coat. I don’t know why he decided I need a coat but he did and I appreciate everyone who dropped by and gave me words of encouragement.

At 11AM 20th June 2020, my friend Andrea Perry and I organised the “Thornton Heath stands with Black Lives Matter” demonstration on Ambassador House square. We had to put in a lot of safety measure with the council and the police in order for the event to go ahead but we received amazing support from our guest speakers, artists, local politicians, Age UK, Thornton Heath Community Action Team, our volunteers and local residents.

It wasn’t easy organising a political demonstration in the midst of a global pandemic and many times we thought we would give up. We received a lot of criticism but I told Andrea even if only 4 people turn up (us and our 2 partners), at least we did it and and we stood up for what we believe. I am so glad in the end 160 people joined us and all adhered to 2m social distancing.

Thank you everyone for making me believe in hope and a better future for all of us. Thanks Andrea!


HOPE NOT HATE mural, Ambassador House, CR7 7JG.
Opposite Thornton Heath Station, South London ,June 2020.

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