Thornton Heath stands with Black Lives Matter

11am Saturday 20th June 2020
Ambassador House, CR7 7JG

A small scale event which will demonstrate this communities support and show the importance of standing together.

Due to Covid19, if you are unable to attend, please prepare: a placard and submit a photo, send a poem or your own story which will be read out on the day.

A running order and risk assessment is being finalised with numbers restricted to the forecourt and stewards on hand to enforce social distancing, with a first aider in attendance and exits manned and clearly marked. There will be dots on the floor in yellow, red and blue; each 2m apart.

On behalf of the organising team, a big thanks to all our volunteers, guest speakers and attendees! You all make a difference and help build a stronger community in Thornton Heath! Thanks Neil Tanner, Mark Huggett and Jo Ellis-Holland for the beautiful pictures that capture the moment we came together!