Update 25th December 2020:

Merry Christmas! We did it!

Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected 200 gift packs, £1140 donations, bought 100 £5 Tesco vouchers, 40 pizzas and cakes for everyone at Brigstock House and StoneBridge Lodge on 23rd and 24th December.

Big thanks to Chetna and Mitra who have been working so hard to make all of this happen!

Fireaway Pizza, YBR Cakes who gave us a massive discount and Nicola Jaworska who baked lots brownies and cupcakes for free. The team at Tesco were also super helpful in us to bulk buy products (even helping Chetna to load everything in the car) and 100 vouchers x £5 - you can imagine how long that took! 

Yesterday and today, the team at Migrant Help, especially Varsha, gave out the presents, pizzas and cakes. Any gifts and vouchers left over will be handed out to any new families and people who may be coming over the next weeks.

So a massive thank you to everyone who contributed, sent words of support and helped make a big difference to those who have very little, if anything. It's been a super difficult year for everyone but the generosity of people has not wavered. Thank you!

Update 14th December 2020:

Make Christmas special for residents of Brigstock and Stonebridge House, CR7

We have now reached our target. Thanks to your kindness and generosity we have collected more than160 gift packs, over £1000 donations. Enough for us to buy pizza, cakes and make it a special day (actually two days 23rd and 24th Dec) for everyone.

Chetna and Mitra are busy ordering foods, buying and packing presents. We will update a transparent donation and spending account sheet so you can see how we organise this. In the mean time, many of us have sent a welcome message here. We will print this small poster out at the collection table on 23rd and 24th Dec so the residents can read our messages and understand they are not alone. Merry Christmas everyone!



Update 5th November 2020:

Help us to get 80 men, 80 women toiletries gift packs / vouchers and 40 children’s art and craft packs!

Hope you’re well and safe! Like previous years, we are trying to make it a little special for refugee families and residents at Brigstock and Stonebridge House. Here is what we did:

This year, we aim to get:

  • 80 men, 80 women and 40 children gift packs
  • £5 vouchers Tesco, Poundland, Costa
  • Fund to buy pizza from Fireaway at 3pm 23rd and 24th Dec. Depend on funding, I hope we can get 20 pizza each day. Mario is always keen to support us and give us a huge discount but this year, we would love to be able to buy from him. He has done so much and support holiday school meal recently as well.

Gift packs and vouchers donation:

For toiletries and vouchers drop off, please contact Mitra Djalili or email share@freeart.org.uk

  • Gift packs to be individually wrapped so they are easily identifiable and quarantined for 3 days in a small box before drop off
  • Please wrap in either clear cellophane or if in paper: blue for men and and pink / red for women
  • Toiletry items wanted: deodorant and moisturiser. Good quality shower gels and shampoo / conditioner
  • Toys to be new, wrapped and labelled for which age it is appropriate. For example: Boy / Girl, 2-3 years...

Online donation: NOW CLOSE

This year, due to Covid19, we accepted online donations to minimise contact. As of 7pm, 3rd December 2020 we have reached our target and the cash donation is now close.

£5 will help us to buy one gift pack

£7 will buy one Margarita pizza

Big thanks to our donors for your kindness and generosity! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: share@freeart.org.uk

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for joining us and making it happen! Every year we made it bigger and better but 2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us. We all have our own problems but it doesn’t mean we can’t come together and help others.