On Thursday 21st December 2017, Brigstock House organised a get together from 3 – 5pm. Donation of party food and especially fresh fruit are welcomed. If you would like to donate toys and presents please email share@freeart.org.uk to arrange a collection

From my experience, the children and their families are moved around a lot so soft toy or toys that are not too big and are easy to carry are appreciated. Craft sets where the kids can make something are popular.

There are children from new born babies up to teenagers. And again, they move around a lot so we don’t have a wish list so you could give to a specific child. There is no need to wrap the toys. Toiletry, especially deodorant for both men and women are highly appreciated.

We have managed to collect more than 100 package of presents, fresh fruit, party food for 100 people on the day. Musician Andrew Cleyndert and his friends played beautiful music. CR7 Market donated 35 tickets for the children to skate on their Christmas Market’s ice rink. Big thanks to everyone who donated, supported and came to help us on the day. We might not change people’s life but we put smiles on 20 children and 100 people in the house for the day. Thank you!