Great Compassion Mantra in Vietnamese


Artwork size: W320 x H450 mm
Printed on 250gsm recycled paper
Package and postage cost within the UK: £5.00

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The artwork is hand-painted in water colour and digitalised finished.

Great Compassion Mantra in Vietnamese – Chú Dai Bi – consists of 84 lines. Please read it as it is and don’t ask what it means, how, what or why.

Try to let it go, one thing at a time. Think about what makes you happy, what you can do for people around you.

Breath in, breath out slowly 10 times, 20 times, 30 times. Visualise where you want to be, with someone you want to be with.

And smile.


The profit from selling this artwork is to buy art materials for all Free Art projects. Thank you for supporting us.

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